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Tips for Writing Mailings

20 Tips for Writing Mailings

In the title I refer to writing mailings that work, but to be honest it could just as easily have said social media posts, articles, direct mail shots or even brochures, as the tips, tricks and techniques covered here apply to pretty much every type of writing imaginable.

When my kids were at school they would often moan about writing and say that in these 'modern times' writing is a lost art. I used to tell them it is is exactly the opposite and that most people are writing more now than they have ever done.

In the 'old days' as my kids would refer to it, we could spend a whole day at work and, depending on the field we worked in, would rarely have to get our creative juices flowing and creating a piece of writing that really hit the target. These days it is pretty much a daily activity.

In these twenty tips I've tried to distill the truly important aspects of writing business related material of all kinds. These are tips, tricks and techniques that I've learned the hard way, over thirty years of being in business. Hopefully, by sharing them with you I will save some of you that rather long learning curve so that you can produce writing that REALLY works every time.

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