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The FIRST for planning acronym

Are you an amateur or a professional?

A recent Inc Magazine article described the difference between amateur and professional by saying “Amateurs think they are good at everything. Professionals understand their circles of competence”. Which one are you? The former or the latter. Find out more in this post.

Adjacent possibilities can transform a mediocre idea into something amazing

Adjacent Possibilities and the Crick Institute

On 4th August 2016 a once run-down district of London gave birth to The Francis Crick Institute and baked right into its architecture is something very clever ... something that can benefit anyone who has ever had a business idea, or an idea of any kind. This post reveals this buildings clever little secret.

Who cares about thanksgiving

Why would anyone outside of America care about Thanksgiving?

I’m not American and I don’t live in America so Thanksgiving Day means NOTHING to me - a big fat ZERO!!! Right? Wrong! I love Thanksgiving. I applaud the Americans - and the Canadians and everyone else who celebrates Thanksgiving - for creating this VERY special day. I can’t think of anything better to celebrate, than giving thanks.

Was I wrong about reality

Was I wrong about 'reality' and business ideas?

Earlier in the week I wrote about the importance of 'reality' and why it could be considered to be the most important part of the process of transforming ideas into reality. Was I wrong? Surely that pot of gold that you get when you achieved what you set out to achieve is more important than the business idea itself, and it has to be way more important than all the hard work that goes into transforming that idea into reality, right?

How important is your reality

Is 'Reality' most important thing for you?

When it comes to success I think the most important thing of all is 'reality'. I reckon there are millions of people around who have had an idea and transformed that idea into reality, only to discover that the reality they ended up with was not what they had hoped. What do you think?

A great way to help budding entrepreneurs

$10 that paid major dividends

The story of how a visit to the cinema and a meal out with my youngest son resulted in forgiveness for a brief moment of anger, whilst at the same time helping out an entrepreneurial African - and all for a measly $10. What a great investment.

Put a silk on a goat and it is still a goat

If it sounds too good to be true

Sometimes it is just too easy to get excited about a new product or service. It happens to us all at one time or another. What should you do when there's a risk of getting carried away? Here's some timely advice for what to do when things just sound too good to be true.

10 reasons women are perfect for online business

10 reasons why women are perfect for online business

Are men more likely to succeed with an online business or do women have the edge? After coffee with a friend I really got to thinking about some of the positive traits that many women bring to the party. As it was International Women's Day that day I figured it would make a timely post and hopefully act as motivator for any women out there who might just be wondering whether they were cut out for all this online business stuff.

What a send-off

This has got to be the best last day at work ever

For some people the last day in the office is just a matter of clearing out their desk drawers. For Mark Sebba, the retiring CEO of Net-a-Porter, his last day was pretty different. Try watching a video of him arriving at work on his last day without a big grin spreading across your face. I’ll bet you can’t do it.

What do online entrepreneurs struggle with

What do online entrepreneurs struggle with?

Some time ago I conducted a survey to find out what people were struggling with when it came to their online business. The results make for interesting reading and I am sure it will be reassuring for people to realize that they are far from on their own when it comes to difficulties with traffic generation, sales and marketing, writing web content, product creation, planning, etc.

What advice would you give someone

What advice would you give someone starting their first job

My eldest son starts his first full time job on Monday and I wanted to help him out by giving him the advice I wish I'd received a century ago when I started my first job. What advice would you give a young man or woman starting out in the workplace today?

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