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You have lots of business ideas, but which one should you go with? (Part 1 of 4)


  • Why you must store EVERY idea in a safe place
  • How to decide what factors are important for your idea to succeed
  • The method used by top corporations for choosing the best ideas to pursue
  • How to avoid ideas that aren't right for you
  • Which idea has the most chance of being a winner

Ideas are like London buses. You don't see one for ages and then six come along all at once, and just like London buses, it isn't always obvious which one to get on. The first two buses might be full to the rafters. Should you try to squeeze on or should you wait to see if there's room on the third, fourth, fifth or sixth bus?

It is the same with ideas.

Should you jump on the first reasonably good idea you have or should you bide your time and wait to see what the next lightbulb moment brings?

Having an idea isn’t the problem. Knowing what’s great and what’s not, that is a problem. And an even bigger problem than that is knowing which great idea to pursuePaul Smithson

For most entrepreneurial types the problem isn't which idea to choose, it is almost always which idea to choose out of the dozens of killer ideas that you have each week/month/year.

Solving this problem, and uncovering that killer idea that you need to pursue, is easy if you follow this three-step process.

3-step process for choosing business ideas
3-step process for choosing business ideas

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