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The FIRST for planning acronym

You'll be amazed how effective this simple planning mnemonic is

If you want to achieve anything in life - from small changes in habit to major life achievements - you first need to have some kind of plan. This super-simple, but incredibly powerful method, will help you to get your plans down on paper in record time.

Mindmaps are a wonderful tool

One tool I really couldn't do without

Mindmaps are the perfect tool for making sense of all of those disparate thoughts whirling around inside your brain, and once you get used to using them you'll find that the ideas just keep flowing and flowing. It is like taking the cork off of a good bottle of champagne. In this post I'll introduce you to my favourite online mindmapping tool.

Adjacent possibilities can transform a mediocre idea into something amazing

Adjacent Possibilities and the Crick Institute

On 4th August 2016 a once run-down district of London gave birth to The Francis Crick Institute and baked right into its architecture is something very clever ... something that can benefit anyone who has ever had a business idea, or an idea of any kind. This post reveals this buildings clever little secret.

Tips for Writing Mailings

20 Tips for Writing Mailings

I’d love to say that I know how to write the perfect mailing. It would be like having the goose that lays the golden eggs hidden away in your closet, or knowing where to find the Holy Grail. Alas, although I can’t tell you exactly where the Holy Grail is, I can give you a few pointers that will hopefully steer you in the right direction.

What do online entrepreneurs struggle with

What do online entrepreneurs struggle with?

Some time ago I conducted a survey to find out what people were struggling with when it came to their online business. The results make for interesting reading and I am sure it will be reassuring for people to realize that they are far from on their own when it comes to difficulties with traffic generation, sales and marketing, writing web content, product creation, planning, etc.

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Mindmaps are one tool I could not do without
One tool I couldn’t live without

If you are not already making good use of Evernote (or something very similar) you really need to take a look as Evernote can be a repository for pretty much everything in your life.

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