This is the top-level page for my resources section, which will contain recommendations for software, services and web sites, in-depth articles on key topics, chatbots, checklists, plus much more. I’m working on all of this stuff at the moment and will be adding things on a regular basis so please do check back regularly.

In short, this wll be a central repository for anything I can think of that will help you to transform your ideas into reality.

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Mindmaps are one tool I could not do without
One tool I couldn’t live without

If you are not already making good use of Evernote (or something very similar) you really need to take a look as Evernote can be a repository for pretty much everything in your life.

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Since graduating from university I have started five seven-figure businesses and now I want to share that passion for ideas and business with you and to help you to transform your ideas into reality.

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