Earlier in the week I wrote about the importance of 'reality' and why it could be considered to be the most important part of the process of transforming ideas into reality.


Was I wrong?

Surely that pot of gold that you get when you achieved what you set out to achieve is more important than the business idea itself, and it has to be way more important than all the hard work that goes into transforming that idea into reality, right?

Maybe not.

In that original post I said:

'You can have the best idea in the world, and a brilliantly thought out plan for transforming that idea into reality, but if you've not considered what 'reality' you want to achieve, how do you know that what you'll end up with will be the reality you truly want?'

I still feel strongly that we need to have a very clear idea of the reality we want to create when we pursue an idea, whether it is a business idea, or any other kind of idea, but then I stumbled across the following quote:

'It is better to have travelled well than to arrive' Buddha

That got me thinking.

Could the journey from idea to reality REALLY be more important than the idea itself, or the reality that transpires from that idea?

In business is the journey more important than the big house, the swimming pool, the holiday home, the nice cars, and the bank account overflowing with money that await you if you succeed?

If that's the case then shouldn't we be focusing more on the journey than on dreaming up amazing ideas or setting life goals such as financial independence by the age of thirty?

Which do you think is most important:

  1. The idea
  2. The journey (i.e. the process of transforming your idea into reality)
  3. The final reality or result?

Do share your thoughts below.