When it comes to success I think the most important thing of all is reality.

I used this phrase in the blog post I made earlier this week.

"Transforming ideas into reality"

Some people raised some excellent points regarding the validity of that phrase, and I am going to give those points a lot of thought over the coming weeks, but for now that phrase, for me, is like an ABC of success, where ...

  • A equals the initial idea
  • B stands for the process of transforming that idea into reality
  • C is for the reality itself

I've been considering this for the last few months and can't help but think that the most important of these 3 stages is the last one, i.e. reality.

And when I say I think it is important, I really do feel it is the be-all and end-all, the whole raison d'être of why we're doing whatever it is we're doing.

You can have the best idea in the world, and a brilliantly thought out plan for transforming that idea into reality, but if you've not considered what reality you want to achieve, how do you know that what you'll end up with will be the reality you truly want?

I'm sure lots of people reading this will be thinking it is money or profit or wealth or freedom, or something along those lines. Maybe you're right?

I would argue passionately that it is none of those things, but that is just me.

There must be millions of people around the world who have had an idea and transformed that idea into reality, only to discover that the reality they ended up with was not what they had hoped.

What do you think?

Please do share your thoughts below as I really do want to hear what you think. And feel free to agree or disagree, as I'm sure there's more than one way of looking at this idea of reality. It will be great to hear all sides.